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Here, you can find the most common / frequently asked questions that our pawrent customers and friends have. Let us know if you cannot find your answers here! Simply email us at hello@pawmeal.com. ❤

Regarding the COVID-19 situation

Hello Pawrents,

As you may have known by now, our country will be implementing a series of measures in the coming days – one of which is the suspension of “non-essential” services and businesses.

The Pawmeal Team would like to clarify that our services will be operating as usual for now, as “pet supplies stores” are considered “essential” in the care, food and supplies aspects.

We would like to assure you that we will do our best to ensure your furkid receives their Pawmeal on a timely and sufficient manner. 😊 So you can continue to shop for your furkid in our website.

In the coming days or weeks, there could be more tweaks to the actions taken by Singapore, so we have to respond accordingly and make the best out of it.

We are also a phone call, message or email (hello@pawmeal.com) away, always ready to help. 🧡

Stay safe and healthy,
Pawmeal Team

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We offer subscription options to bring you the convenience of receiving Pawmeal every month at additional discounted prices. Furthermore, you will not have to re-order manually every month!

You can enjoy an additional 5% off if you subscribe to monthly subscription which you can pause and renew anytime. You can also enjoy higher discounts of 10% off for a 3 months subscription and 20% off for a 6 months subscription!

Currently, we allow the purchase of Chicken Delight, Pork Delight, Salmon Pork Platter or Duck Beef Platter as product listings, for standard 80g or 200g packs. If your dog is picky and want to have a variation of flavours in each delivery, we recommend that you choose the Assorted Mixed Flavours option whereby we will deliver 4-9 different recipes in each delivery. Our 9 Pawmeal flavours can be found on https://pawmeal.com/our-menu/.

As long as your dog does not have more than 1-2 food allergies or need to be on a restricted diet, rest assured that we will include as many variation as we can for each delivery!

Yes, of course! Simply choose “none” after selecting 80g / 200g and the number of packs when you are at the product page. It will be a “once-off” purchase.


Subscription payments will be deducted every month on the same day which you subscribe to Pawmeal. Eg. If you purchase the 3 months subscription on 20th February, your subsequent payment will be deducted on 20th March and 20th April respectively.

If you choose 3 months and 6 months subscription, pausing or cancellation of the subscription is not available during the subscription period. If you choose monthly subscription of 5% off, you can pause and renew anytime.


Our usual delivery cycle falls on first and third Friday/Saturday set every month. Should the 1st day of the month be a Saturday, the first delivery dates of the month will be on the following Friday/Saturday set. Our cut-off dates for payment to arrange for delivery will be on 11th and 25th of every month.

Eg. If you made payment between 26 January – 11 February 2019, you will receive your delivery on the third Friday/Saturday which is on 15 or 16 February 2019. If you made payment between 12 February – 25 February 2019, you will receive your delivery on the first Friday/Saturday which is on 1st or 2nd March.

Special delivery arrangement can be made for urgent cases. Just let us know so we can assist!

You will be informed of the scheduled delivery date and timing a few days before the delivery to your doorstep will take place. Should you not be home during the scheduled date and timing, we can either arrange to put the meals into a cooler bag you prepare at your doorstep or arrange for an alternative date for delivery.

Our fresh food service

We formulate, prepare and serve 9 different healthy recipes that are gently cooked, vacuum sealed and frozen for your dogs. Our fresh cooked food comes in standard packs of 80g / 200g (Standard Pawmeal), as well as a calories-specific option that are customised according to the dog’s daily caloric requirements (Customised Pawmeal).

Customised Pawmeal allows us to understand your dog a little more with regard to weight, body condition, activity level and allergies after you have filled in an online questionnaire about your dog. After which, we will calibrate the amount of calories your dog needs based on the information provided so that we can customise the amount of food needed to feed your dog on a daily basis. Every pack of food is measured to the amount required by your dog for 1 day consumption (which means half pack per meal, 2 meals per day). There is no need for further measurement of food neither do you have to worry about feeding him/her meals that contain ingredients they are allergic to. You can customise a diet for your dog here.

Standard Pawmeal comes in 2 sizes: 80g and 200g. Both sizes contain the same content and can be fed as a meal or topper, depending on the owner’s and dog’s lifestyle. Standard Pawmeal will also be more cost effective compared to the customised ones but it requires you to weigh the desired amount of food your dog require every meal. You can browse Pawmeal in standard packs here.

Rest assured that the quality of the ingredients is not compromised regardless the customised or standard Pawmeal. All our ingredients are sourced from human restaurant suppliers and are suitable for human consumption too.

Picky / fussy eating problems

We hear you!! You can now purchase as little as 5 packs of 200g Pawmeal or 8 packs of 80g Pawmeal as trial to see if your dog likes it before committing to bigger orders to enjoy further discount! We are used to serving picky dogs (we won’t say we are 100% successful all the time, but we have a series of potential interventions to aid you in feeding along the way).

Do also let us know in the comment section at the check out page if your dog is on the picky side so we can try our best to see how we can support you along the way 🙂

Food allergies

We understand that every dog is different and may have different problems with different ingredients. Therefore, we rolled out 9 recipes to try to cater to as many different requirements as possible. Please visit our menu to have a look at the ingredients for each of our 9 recipes – there should be at least 1 or 2 recipes that are suitable. 😊 

At the moment, no. We are at pains in considering offering this service – but taking out or replacing a particular ingredient will “disrupt” the nutrient balance (protein, fats, carbohydrate) in the recipes which we formulated with the consultation of veterinary and pet nutritionist professionals. 

If there is absolutely zero recipes that are suitable for your dog, please drop us an email at hello@pawmeal.com – let’s talk and we’ll try our best to work something out for your dog.

Currently no. However, we are working behind the scenes to roll out something that we believe will be welcome especially for dogs with food allergies. We need to go through the proper formulating process and hence it will take a bit of time. Please stay around for our updates.

Feeding and storage

We recommend storing our vacuum-sealed Pawmeal packs in the freezer not more than 4 months because the longer it is stored in the freezer, the more likely the taste and texture of the food may change. It is best to consume the meals by the best before date stated on the label which is around 2 months after the food is packed to ensure that your dog get to enjoy the meals at maximum freshness and taste. Once thawed and opened, consume within 2-3 days. Do not refreeze thawed meals.

The easiest way we have tried thus far: thaw a packet of Pawmeal, pour out the desired amount of food, then add ¼ cup of warm water into the meal for added moisture and warmth.

We have received feedback that it is difficult to clean up the last bit of Pawmeal left in the pack. So, you can add ¼ cup of warm water into the pack, shake a little then pour into the meal.

For more details on the transition guideline to full Pawmeal, you can also visit https://pawmeal.com/how-to-feed-pawmeal/.

About Pawmeal

We are just pet parents who want to advocate for feeding fresh healthy meals to pets so they can live happier and longer. As simple as that because our pets also mean the world to us! We are certified as Pet Food Nutrition Specialist to make sure that the recipes we formulated are good for your pets and our pets! Read more about why we start Pawmeal here!

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