Our Exchange and Refunds Policy applies to online orders via our Website at https://pawmeal.com. We really appreciate your support and trust, and pledge to do our best to be reasonable and considerate towards all of you who believe in Pawmeal and our fresh food. 🙂

Eligibility (Item Condition)

To be eligible for an exchange or refund, your item must be:

1. Received within the last 14 days (Count from the date of delivery, not purchase date).

2. In unopened condition.

3. In frozen condition right from the date of delivery and never thawed (in the case of Pawmeal frozen fresh food) to ensure the item stays fresh and not become spoilt.

4. Without physical damages (both on the packaging and internally).

Request for Exchange or Refund

To request for an exchange or refund, please contact us at hello@feed.pawmeal.com with the title “Request for Exchange / Request for Refund” or give us a call / WhatsApp us at +65 9387 6164. Please indicate the reasons for exchange or refund in your request. We will attend to your request in the shortest time possible.

Decision to Exchange or Refund

We are definitely not perfect hooman beings and do make mistakes. The decision to allow for exchange or refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We would like to give you a few example situations where exchanges or refunds are possible:

1. In cases where our packers did not include the exact quantity of your purchase (due to hooman error) (We are sorry! We try to minimise this to as close to near-zero as possible).

2. In cases where we deliver fresh food flavours that your furkid is not suited to eat due to allergies or due to religion (for fresh food).

3. Exchanging of flavours (for Pawmeal Fresh Food Subscriptions only)

There may be other special circumstances (such as health issues) which you feel that you may like to seek an exchange or refund. Please write or message us and we can discuss about it.

Situations where Exchange or Refunds Are Not Applicable

We are reluctant to include this section, but we feel that we need to be upfront with you. We will still try our very best (within our means) to explore any eventual solutions with you, on a case by case basis. Some of these situations where exchanges or refunds are most likely not allowed include:

1. Request for change of flavours after delivery has been made and no comments were added at checkout page for the flavours to exclude.
If the request for change of flavours occurs before the delivery date, we will do our best to adhere to your request, but delivery may have to be rescheduled, depending on stock availability.

2. Request for reduction of purchase quantity at less than 48 hours before delivery.
We regret to inform that reduction to the purchase quantity (ie. refunds for the difference) will not be able to take effect at less than 48 hours prior to delivery. This is because the allocation of items to fulfill orders and packing of the items will have already been completed at that time.

3. Premature cancellations of order without reason or due to last-minute change of delivery timing without good reason
We reserve the right to impose a cancellation fee (this is to cover manpower and delivery costs). The amount of cancellation fee will be calculated based on our manpower and delivery costs.

The above are by no means exhaustive and we understand every customer circumstance is different. Pawmeal will therefore respond reasonably and accordingly to each customer on a case by case basis.

Conditions of Exchange or Refund

We would like to highlight the following conditions which we hope you will understand when we arrange for an exchange or refund:

1. The desired item(s) or flavour(s) for exchange is subject to availability at the said time. If you would still like to have the desired item(s) or flavour(s), there will be a processing time, which will be advised by us.

2. We understand you pawrents are busy, and we try our best to meet your available times. The timing of rescheduled delivery OR meeting up for exchange, however, will need to be negotiated and discussed, and finally agreed on by both parties. If we are unable to meet your available times and / or meeting places (if applicable), we reserve the rights to decline and re-propose the next-best alternative that can best satisfy both parties’ availability (Sorry! 😐)

3. Should you urgently require the exchange to take place at your convenient time, there will be an additional delivery fee (which will be calculated based on distance according to the prevailing taxi or Grab rates at the requested timings).

Pawmeal Fresh Food Subscriptions

Pawmeal Fresh Food Subscriptions currently offer these subscription options:
1. Month-to-month, ongoing subscription
2. 3-month subscription
3. 6-month subscription
4. 12-month subscription

For Month-to-month subscriptions, cancellation and / or refunds prior to delivery are possible, subject to reasonable conditions such as death of pet due to illness or old age etc.

For 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions, cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be waived if the reason to cancel is exceptional and understandable.

What happens if you subscribe to Pawmeal and discover that your furkid has a new favourite flavour or there may be some flavours that are really not to your furkid’s taste preference? Exchange may be possible in this case. Please write to us and we will arrange for a one-to-one exchange on the next delivery cycle. Please kindly note that the Conditions of Exchange above applies here.