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Pawmeal's customer reviews

What pet owners feel about Pawmeal.

Happy the Pomeranian


Pawrent of Happy the Pomeranian

“My fussy boy loves his Pawmeal, before feeding him pawmeal his stools were soft and stinky. After feeding Pawmeal his stools became firm and not pungent anymore. Notice his skin and fur also feels nicer. Jiaying from Pawmeal is friendly and shares with me some tips as well. I tried out with a trial plan and within three days I went ahead to subscribe for the 6 months cos l finally found something healthy and nutritious for my fussy boy. Pawmeal is really convenient for busy paw parent like me. Thank you Pawmeal and Jiaying!”

Donut the Toy Poodle


Pawrent of Donut the Toy Poodle

“It’s time of d month again! This is how happy she is when she receive her parcel! She’s a super picker when comes to food! After introducing pawmeal, her poo is no longer soft (sometimes watery). she nv once reject it! Always appear at kitchen when its her MAKAN TIME! I have tried it myself too! To my surprise, it tasted so sweet fr all d ho liao inside! No regret! Our best buy for her so far!!!”
Ocean the Border Collie

E Soong

Pawrent of Ocean the Border Collie

“My dog is a very picky eater but he loves Pawmeal. The variety of flavours is great and Jia Ying has been very helpful and responsive. We’ve already signed up for a subscription plan so we don’t run out!”
Chikin the Pomeranian


Pawrent of Chikin the Pomeranian

“My furkid doesnt enjoy vegetables mix with cooked food but she love pawmeals! Professional services and flexible friendly arrangements from jiaying. thumbs up service and good pawmeals ingredients! my furkid love it and will definitely order again!”
Dublin the Cockapoo


Pawrent of Dublin the Cockapoo

“Our cockapoo, Dublin enjoys his Pawmeal. Every meal is bowl licking good. I was pleasantly surprised with the varieties, wholesome ingredients and ease of food preparation.. Very happy to provide Dublin with nutritious food through Pawmeal. Thanks for supplying his food. He’s been so healthy and almost no vet visit except for vaccination.”
Vanilla the Pomeranian


Pawrent of Vanilla the Pomeranian

“Pawmeal is a life saver! I used to be very stressed on what to feed my picky dog, tried so many different commercial brands as well as homecooked. So far he seems to like his meal, especially when a new flavor is served. He is more lively, less time sleeping away, stool firmer, lesser almost no tear stains. The packaging is so convenient! I dun really need to thaw it, I just break the part and steam until soft. He loves the variety. No need to prepare ingredients anymore! Just break and steam!”
Morkie, Banana and Ichigo

Ke Ni

Pawrent of Morkie, Banana and Ichigo

“My pups love Pawmeal! There is a great variety of meals to choose from, as well as the option to customize for pups with allergies. The subscription process also makes ordering a breeze. The meals smell really good too!“
Lionel and Yuki


Pawrent of Yuki

“Many thanks, Jiaying! Pawmeal is a godsend for both picky eaters and their minders alike. I’m just thankful to have found the solution to my problem in you…The most important thing is my picky eater is eating and eating healthily.”
Mocha the Toy Poodle


Pawrent of Mocha the Toy Poodle

“Introduced to Pawmeal by my poodle groomer . My dog is a picky eater. After eating freeze dried raw food for 2 yrs he is getting bored and rejected meal time. Have tried other brands of food but he doesn’t like them too. Introduced Pawmeal to him and no rejection so far. Hope he will continue to enjoy his meal . The delivery team is accommodating and has good product knowledge. They are very helpful.”
Vanessa Chien Ling's Pupper

Vanessa Chien Ling

“2nd order. My fussy boy and I enjoy every Pawmeal recipe. Yes I like to steal his food LOL! So umami! 🤤 Pawmeal recipes tend to be more meaty in flavour and has a stronger liver taste which he likes. He doesn’t like veg taste. He especially likes Duck Beef / Pork and Beef. Very good service too!”
Cheryl and Jack the Jack Russell Terrier


Pawrent of Jack the Jack Russell Terrier

“…This is how we use the Pawmeal ingredients! 😂 Cannot compare with the original Pawmeal packs but we try 🤣🤣 and the best thing is Jack eats it 🤣😊😊 thank you!!”
Victoria and Amber the mixed breed


Pawrent of Amber the Mixed Breed

“…This was the Pork pack. I mixed bone broth and some salmon which I cooked for Pearly as well. Then blend and let her eat.”
Foo Foo the Pomeranian


Pawrent of Foo Foo the Pomeranian

“This fussy princess refuses to eat commercial dog food so she’s been on freshly cooked individually packed food from @pawmeal nothing but the best for this girl 😘”
Nerdy the Mixed Breed


Pawrent of Nerdy the Mixed Breed

“Nerdy has tried Pawmeal before as recommended by my friends and he reacted well. I’m really happy, hence decided to proceed with the purchase 😊 I previously mixed it with kibbles and he was okay with it. I will be mindful of the transit, thank you. He is currently alternating between kibbles with broth, and cooked food (chicken, salmon).”
Buddy the Mixed Breed


Pawrent of Buddy the Mixed Breed

“…Forgot to tell you this morning Buddy asked for breakfast 😂..so I gave him half pack… he was polite…he followed me very tight and sit so smartly in kitchen…normally he sits nicely means he wants something. He can recognise the packaging…I took out he jumped already.”

Chihiro and Cheddar


Pawrent of Cheddar

“She likes it!!”

Maru trying Pawmeal Trial Plan

Maru's Mom

Pawrent of Maru

“Maru is a picky eater and has a sensitive tummy. Fingers crossed that he will be able to adapt to it. For starters we’ve been adding small quantities of chicken breast / minced chicken to his kibbles for the past month to help with the transition and his poop has been good and consistent so far!”
Phoebe Xiaokeai

Phoebe's Mama

Pawrent of Phoebe

“Today I’m like a pawdel for so many brands. Thank you for promoting me. Hope you all have a good event. Do go give your support to @pawmeal!”
Josey and Butter the Pug


Pawrent of Butter the Pug

“Pawmeal is amazing. My 3 year old pug has a liver shunt since young and we’ve been maintaining her health by feeding her less proteins and supplements. All her meals are freshly prepared raw or homecooked meals. The preparation required takes some time, especially when we’re rushing out for work in the morning. In hopes to make it more convenient for us, we approached Pawmeal and Jiaying came up with several solutions Pawmeal can provide to cater for Butter’s low protein diet. It’s truly well customised for Butter’s health. The customised meals’ price was reasonable for us too – we’ve been feeding Butter ourselves, we know how much it costs a month to feed her with NTUC vegetables and meat from reputable providers, Pawmeal is a great deal. Most importantly, Butter loves the meals! She gobbles it down so well I’m so glad I approached Pawmeal. Side note – I love their website to bits, Shay has casted some spell on me with their website, I visit it for no reason just to roam around HAHA.”

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