Prefer it Warm?

Heating up Pawmeal to make it warmer helps bring out the aroma even better. Even hoomans love our food’s rich flavours. Heating up the food is an optional step for you, and may be helpful if your dog’s tummy is sensitive towards cold food.

3 easy ways to warm up your Pawmeal

So its aroma becomes so good that even picky dogs cannot resist.
Pawmeal Warming Suggestion - Warm meal pack with hot water

Warm with warm water

Just dip your dog's bowl into a tray of warm water, or simply dip the pawmeal pack into warm water.


Pawmeal Warming Suggestion - Add hot water to make food soupy

Make it moist with hot water

Pour hot water directly into food. This makes Pawmeal slightly more liquid, like baby food. Great way to let your dog consume more water.


Pawmeal Warming Suggestion - Steam over gentle fire

Steam gently

Heat up Pawmeal over gentle fire until it is warm. The aroma is simply irresistible!

Note: Please avoid microwaving or re-cooking over high heat, as it will destroy the important nutrients in the food.

Find out how to prepare Pawmeal for your dog without heating up, or ways to feed Pawmeal here.

Your dog's health is what you feed.

You save the time. Your dog will get all the different flavours and happiness. 🧡🐶