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Feeding the same ingredients repeatedly may actually cause an allergy towards that particular ingredient eventually. When you feed #Pawmeal, your dog gets to eat a wider ingredient variety. This provides variation and exposure to different nutrients and vitamins, so that food allergy risks can be minimised.

Single Proteins

Double Proteins

Pawmeal Beef Pork Rev1

More meat, more quality

We do not compromise the quality of our fresh food. Smell the fragrance, see our ingredients, and even eat our food yourself.

Premium Proteins

Pawmeal Better Health

Why feed with variety?

3 benefits:
1) Your pet gets different nutrients and vitamins.
2) Feeding different food lowers risks towards food allergies.
3) Your dog will stay excited every month!
Pawmeal Taste Test

Feed as topper or as full meals

Feed Pawmeal as toppers to mix with kibbles. It helps make your dog's diet healthier. Or feed as complete meals so you can save time from cooking.

Pawmeal Essential Nutrient Blend

All our recipes come with our unique and proven formulation of Pawmeal Essential Nutrient Blend. Our essential nutrient blend helps fortify your pet's overall diet and make our fresh food nutritionally balanced.

Your dog's health is what you feed.

You save the time. Your dog will get all the different flavours and happiness. 🧡🐶