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When your furkid becomes a #pawmealdog, it will have access to a wide array of ingredients prepared by a pet food nutrition specialist. This provides variety and exposure to different nutrients and vitamins, so that food allergy risks can be minimised.

Single Proteins

Double Proteins

Pawmeal Beef Pork Rev1

We believe in using honest ingredients.

We are pet owners ourselves, too. It is important that our customers can smell, see (and even eat!) our ingredients, literally.

Premium Proteins

Pawmeal Better Health

Feeding a variety of proteins is important.

Having variety in your dog's food has 3 benefits: Your pet gets different nutrients and vitamins from different food, and eating different food lowers risks towards food allergies. Your dog will also stay excited by the different menu every month.
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Feed as a topper or as full meals.

You can use Pawmeal fresh food as toppers if you are feeding kibbles. Helps make your dog's diet a lot healthier. You can also save time by feeding our fresh food so you do not need to spend so much time cooking.

Single Proteins

Double Proteins

Premium Proteins

Pawmeal Essential Nutrient Blend

All our recipes come with our unique and proven formulation of Pawmeal Essential Nutrient Blend. Our essential nutrient blend helps fortify your pet's overall diet and make our fresh food nutritionally balanced.

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Even picky pets love it πŸ™‚