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Healthy fresh dog food for picky eaters active pups happy dogs senior dogs sick doggies .

Pawmeal packs in more real protein meat, and only 5-10% organs and 20-30% carbohydrates. It’s all 100% natural ingredients, and no artificial fillers and no preservatives. Take a look at Pawmeal, and have a whiff on our fresh dog food! Read our customer reviews here. 👈🍴😸🐶

Welcome back, Pawrent.

Thank you for choosing fresh and variety for your dog. 🧡 We’re confident your pet will continue to enjoy Pawmeal, whether they are picky eaters or hungry greedy pooches!

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A quality dog food that will make a world of difference to your pet’s health. It is simply real food that you can see and smell. Let your dog enjoy Pawmeal today! 😊

80% of picky eaters love us.

Pawmeal is different from other home cooked dog food. Our fresh dog food are more palatable to picky dogs or senior pups who lost their appetites. And we use more meat in our recipes.

Easy to feed, healthy for them.

You can feed as meal toppers and mix with your dog’s existing kibbles, or as a complete fresh food diet. Furthermore, it’s easy to prepare. Real food for you, and your pet.

From this in our kitchen

Every ingredient, freshly prepared.

These are ingredients that you can eat too. Because we prepare it fresh from our own kitchen.

To this in your pup's bowl

Dog food looks like this.

Easy to digest, nutritious and more palatable. And also made for picky dogs too.

The Pawmeal brand

Freshness and convenience together.

Since 2017, we have been making Pawmeal for dogs as though they are our own.

We're more than fresh dog food.

Pawmeal is more than just fresh pet food. If you prefer cooking for your pets, we have pre-portioned raw ingredients ready for you to cook. Or if you are looking for pet supplements, we have a range of health supplements as well.

What furkids say (feel) about us.

It’s healthy!

Less itchy skin

My poop no smell!

Soo excited!

Smooth coat

(Tail wagging)

Fewer vet visits!

Mouth less smelly

I am picky but this is yummy!

Arf! Feed me more!

Service is good!

More reviews? Yes we have.

There are still more reviews about Pawmeal, so you can have a comprehensive understanding about us.

Partners whom we work with.

And here's the power of feeding fresh food to your dog.

Play Video about Fresh food helps fight against cancer in pets

Healthy treats. Right from our kitchen.

Whether it’s a baked or dehydrated treat, we have something freshly made for your dog as well. 👨‍🍳

Yak chews keep your dog occupied.

Your dog will find our Himalayan Yak Milk Chews irresistible. And it also helps them exercise their jaws, soothe their gnawing tooth, and cleans their teeth too. 🦷

Consulted with local and overseas pet nutritionists and vets.

We took one year to research, design and consult with vets and pet nutritionists. Our recipes? Formulated and prepared with love.

Come read our blog.

Feeding healthy is important, but caring for your dog is also our priority. Get tips and updates on pet care from our blog articles.

What do you want for your pet?

Be healthy

Live longer

Be happy

Wait for me to be home everyday

Stay cute

Less vet visits


Wagging tails

Asks for hugs

Pawmeal fresh made treats for dogs

Healthy treats. For furry friends.

Pawmeal’s treats are all produced in our kitchen. Whether dehydrated or baked, there is a different degree of freshness which makes us different.