Healthier Fresh Dog Food For Picky Dogs. Young Pups. Senior Dogs. Sick Doggies. Active Dogs.

Our cooked diet contains more real protein meat, less organs and carbohydrates. 100% natural ingredients, and no artificial fillers and no preservatives. You can see and smell the difference of our fresh dog food too! Read our customer reviews here. 👈🍴😸🐶

Easy to feed, healthy for them.

You can feed as meal toppers and mix with your dog’s existing kibbles, or as a complete fresh food diet. Furthermore, it’s easy to prepare, and we deliver to your door too.
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An update for our customers.

We have some updates for you, our valued customers and pawfriends on our fresh food products and prices.
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New to Pawmeal dog food?

A dog food that will make a world of difference to your pet’s health. Till date, we have now served more than 300,000 meals to hungry dogs in Singapore. Let your dog try Pawmeal today! 😊

Welcome back, Pawrent!

Thank you for choosing fresh food for your dog. 🧡 We’re confident your pet will continue to enjoy Pawmeal, whether they are picky eaters or hungry greedy pooches! Feeding with variety rocks!

Learn more about your pet.

Feeding healthy is important, but caring for your dog is also our priority. Get updates on pet care from our articles.
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80% of picky eaters love it.

Pawmeal is different from other home cooked dog food. Our fresh dog food are more palatable to picky dogs or senior pups who lost their appetites. And we use more meat in our recipes.
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Vetted by pet nutritionists, gently cooked by pet owners.

We take every fresh food recipe seriously. Each food combination are consulted with vets and pet nutritionists. And then they are gently cooked and prepared with love.
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For every pet, by pawrents.

Like you, we are pet parents too. And we want to help every pet stay active and healthy and happy so they can live as long as possible. The best way to do it is by giving them a fresh food diet that uses only real food ingredients.
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