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  • Calories-specific fresh dog food for

    pets with busy pawrents.

    Personalised diets with pet nutritionist-consulted recipes.
    Served over 1,000 meals and treats.
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    Our 9 scientific diets

    helps in digestion

    60% restaurant-grade meat. Packed with essential amino acids, iron, vitamins and minerals.

    Enjoy feeding. At your service.

    Personalise your dog’s diet and enjoy our concierge service when you subscribe to any of our tailor-made diets.
    Healthy diet = Healthy Dog
    Feed healthier, personalised dog food so your furkid can thrive with reduced risk of diseases. Fresh, natural food is the basis to a better canine health.
    A chef for your dog
    Receive tailor-made dog meals that are prepared specially for your unique dog based on its weight, lifestyle and caloric requirements.
    Different recipes every month
    Give variety from our 9 gourmet recipes so your canine receives different vitamins and nutrients and lowers risks of food allergies.
    Taste test for picky dogs
    Get as little as 5 customised packs of food per month through our Trial Diet to assess whether your furkid loves our food.
    Minimise food preparation time
    Simply thaw, pour out and serve. Enjoy feeding with minimal effort so you can spend more time playing with your furkid.
    Free delivery for all diet plans
    No more worrying about food for your dog as all meals are delivered right up to your doorstep.

    How to feed Pawmeal

    Customised fresh food packs according to daily dietary requirements. Convenient to prepare and feed.
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    3 different diets

    Catering for dogs with different allergies, caloric requirements and eating conditions.
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    Pawmeal Essential Nutrient blend

    All Pawmeal diets are fortified with these superfoods to complete your dog’s diet.

    How does it work?

    Step 1: Profile Your Pet
    Help us understand about your pet’s body and lifestyle.
    Step 2: Choose Meal Plan
    Our balanced recipes are formulated with real, human-grade ingredients.
    Step 3: A Healthier Dog
    Give your dog good health and enjoy a peace of mind in healthy feeding.
    Find out how much to feed your dog now.
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