What Makes
Pawmeal Different

Are you feeding kibbles currently or cooking for your dogs? Or are you already feeding fresh food from another dog food provider? We would like to share how Pawmeal is different, and a better fresh dog food option for your dog’s health. πŸ˜„πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

1. Nutritious dog food with an emphasis on ingredient quality πŸ–

Eating potato chips (or biscuits) their whole lives


Kibbles are convenient, affordable and easy. But if we introduce fresh food, your dog may get to live on average 32 months longer (see study, page 14). ⏳🐢

Pawmeal has the most real meats in our bowls

Hoomans eat mixed rice, but dogs thrive on ‘mixed-meats’ (not rice, not organs). Once you see, smell (or even taste!) Pawmeal, you’ll know why we put so much importance on quality. 🧑 (P.S. For pawrents who cook for their dogs, we have this for you.)

Pawmeal Minced Pork Cooked
Pawmeal Wolfberries
Bowl of Pawmeal Fresh Dog Food

2. Eighty percent of picky dogs give their tummies up! πŸΆπŸ‘

Pawmeal is for every dog. And we let the picky ones do the eating. 🀣

3. We treat every #pawmealdog like ours*, and pawrents like friends 🧑

We believe that every dog we serve deserves the best and we want to make sure that happens. That’s why we still stick to the way we treat our customers today. See our reviews here and here. 😊

*(With Rara and Skippy’s consent πŸ˜‚)

Hokken Mee Pawmeal Dog
"The team at Pawmeal is awesome and super friendly. My furkid loves their food and it saves a lot of preparation time for me. Highly recommended for pawrents who are tied up and/or looking for nutritious meals for their furkids."
Hokken Mee's Mama

4. Giving food variety to your dog

Pawmeal Salmon Pork Platter for Picky Dogs
Pawmeal Delivery Packaging

Feeding with variation exposes your furkid to different ingredients (nutrient classes) and builds up their immune system (lowers food allergy risks). It’s the best way to feed your dog.

Even more great reasons

Nutritious Recipes

Our recipe proportions and ingredients are comprehensive. They are a result of months of consultations with various pet nutritionists, vets and veterinary institutions. See our menu.

Save Time

You will save lots of time from cooking and preparing the ingredients. If you prefer cooking on your own, we can help you prepare the ingredients too. Find out more here.

Easy to Feed and Store

Feeding fresh food gets a lot easier now, as there are just 4 simple steps to prepare Pawmeal. Keep the food frozen nicely, as it is the best preservation of freshness.

Different Food Heating Options

Either feed chilled or heat up Pawmeal your preferred way (excluding microwaving). Check out the 3 methods here.

Healthy and Happy Dog

When the tummy is happy, the dog is gleeful. When the dog is healthy, the pawrent is happy.

Delivered to Your Door

No more worrying about food for the dog anymore. Because we deliver all the way to your doorstep.

Why should you consider feeding fresh food? Find out more here.

Your dog's health is what you feed.

You save the time. Your dog will get all the different flavours and happiness. 🧑🐢