What makes Pawmeal different?

We are more than just a fresh dog food provider.

1. It's nutritious.

Our priority is to offer the balance and nutrient proportion that every pet requires in their diet.

2. We emphasise greatly on ingredient quality.​

Our foods go through a careful selection process. They enter our kitchen as raw ingredients and come out as Pawmeal.

Pawmeal Essential Nutrient Blend
Pumpkin cubes
Pork cubes

3. Pawmeal uses most amounts of real meats.

Quality proteins are most important to us, because it’s the most crucial source of energy for pets. Too many pet food companies compromise on protein quality and quantity due to cost. We use more quality proteins than any other pet food in the market.

A bowl of Pawmeal
Minced lean pork

4. Eighty percent of picky dogs eat Pawmeal! πŸΆπŸ‘

Pawmeal is for every dog. And we let the picky eaters do the eating. 🀣

5. We treat every #pawmealdog like ours, and pawrents like friends 🧑

Every Pawmeal customer deserves the best service and the best dog food.Β  No compromise from us on this. πŸ˜ƒ See our reviews here and here. 😊

"The team at Pawmeal is awesome and super friendly. My furkid loves their food and it saves a lot of preparation time for me. Highly recommended for pawrents who are tied up and/or looking for nutritious meals for their furkids."

6. We're the first to encourage rotation of proteins and feed with variety.

Feeding with variation exposes your furkid to different ingredients (nutrient classes) and builds up their immune system (lowers food allergy risks). It’s the best way to feed your dog.

7. Pawmeal is homegrown and we own our manufacturing and product supply chain.

Being a food manufacturer allows us to maintain quality control across all processes from every ingredient source to the final product.


Even more great reasons

Your dog really can live longer on average.

Add an additional 32 months to your dog's lifespan on average. Besides actual results from research studies, it's really no comparison between kibbles and actual real food that you can eat as well. See study, page 14.

Save time.

You will save lots of time from cooking and preparing the ingredients. If you prefer cooking on your own, we can help you prepare the ingredients too. Find out more here.

Nutritious recipes.

Our recipe proportions and ingredients are comprehensive. They are a result of months of consultations with various pet nutritionists, vets and veterinary institutions. See our menu.

Yummy to the max.

There's something about the smell and taste in Pawmeal that dogs love. We eat Pawmeal ourselves to ensure it passes the hooman test.

Easy to feed and store.

Feeding fresh food gets a lot easier now, as there are just 4 simple steps to prepare Pawmeal. Keeping Pawmeal frozen is the best form of preservation.

Different food heating options.

Either feed chilled or heat up Pawmeal your preferred way (excluding microwaving). Check out the 3 methods here.

Healthy and happy dog.

When your dog enjoys its food, it makes a big difference to his wellbeing. And when the food is nutritious, your dog becomes more sprightly and it makes a difference to their longevity.

Delivered to your door.

No more worrying about food for the pupper anymore. Because we deliver all the way to your doorstep.

Eating potato chips (or biscuits) their whole lives


Kibbles are convenient, affordable and easy. But if we introduce fresh food, your dog may get to live on average 32 months longer. See study, page 14. ⏳🐢

You're what you eat.
Your dog too.

Honest and healthy fresh food for your furry friend.