Skippy Pawmeal Cat
Rara Pawmeal Dog

It all started from love.
For our pets. 🧡

How Pawmeal started delivering fresh food goodness to every dog. 😊🥰

We adopted Skippy the cat

We adopted Skippy

This adorable cat was living in a home-office run by Guide Dogs Singapore. When Guide Dogs Singapore was moving office, they had to find Skippy a new home. We were so lucky to have found Skippy.

Volunteering journey

Both of us volunteered with shelters as foster pawrents – This means volunteering some of our time to help take care of the shelter dogs and provide them with a home. (When shelter dogs are used to a home environment, it helps to increase their chances of being adopted!)
Volunteering with animal shelters as foster parents
We adopted Rara the Singapore Special
Pawmeal Play

Rara was adopted

After fostering Rara for close to 9 months, we couldn’t take it any more, and decided to make Rara a permanent member of our family!
Bowl of Pawmeal Fresh Dog Food vs Kibbles

On commercial dry pet food all along

Until then, we had been feeding commercial food, namely kibbles, wet canned food to Skippy and Rara.
Rara Bald Spot

Bald spot