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Pawmeal's Story

Pawmeal is the brainchild of 2 first-time pet parents of Skippy, the picky cat, and Shira (aka Rara), the greedy dog.

- Jiaying and Shay

We were once ignorant and had been feeding kibbles and canned food to our furkids, thinking that it was the best food to feed them! It was until we read up more about how commercial pet food is produced and how we had difficulties understanding half the ingredients in the ingredient list of commercial pet food that made us realise we didn’t exactly know what we were feeding them. Worst, research has shown that prolonged commercial food diet may have detrimental impact on their health and lifespan.

All of us want the best for our pets and hope that they can stay healthy and live longer, and all these start from a good diet. That’s when we sprang into action to make changes to their diet. And, Pawmeal was born!

Pawmeal is not just a brand. We want to leverage on Pawmeal to advocate for better pet health with increased awareness of the importance of quality food in their diet. We want to be as transparent as we can, and set the standard of what quality pet food should be. Every pet parents should know what exactly goes into the food their pets are eating (See our menu). Not only must the food be healthy and tasty for pets, it also has to be convenient for pet parents due to our modern busy lifestyle (Learn how to feed)!

If you are new to pet parenting too, come follow us on our pet parenting journey here on Facebook (/Pawmeal) and Instagram (@pawmeal)! We hope to share what we have experienced and learned so far so we can all learn from each other and become more competent pet parents!

Say hello to us at: hello@pawmeal.com 😄

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