Our Fresh Dog Food Making Process​

Providing nutrition to canines is actually quite similar to feeding a child. (Yes, dogs need proper nutrition and cannot depend on dry food all time!) It’s a long tedious dog food making process to design, formulate and create dog recipes, so as to to ensure your furkid gets the optimal nutrients. In the long run, this will pay off for you. Your dog will be enjoying good health and long years ahead. 😊

Creating gently cooked dog food diets

We completed pet nutrition specialist certifications, and consulted veterinary institutions and veterinarians over 8 months. All these to ensure we have the most balanced home cooked diets possible.

Sourcing for human-grade ingredients

We work with food suppliers to obtain fresh, good quality ingredients. The raw ingredients are delivered to us only a few days before each production. So they still remain fresh after we cook and when we deliver to your dog. Each of our 9 recipes contain at least 12 different ingredients. And every ingredient perform a different health function for your furkid's overall well-being.

Figuring the best recipe proportions that suit your dog

To save effort, some pawrents may just keep cooking for their dogs simple and stick to 2 or 3 ingredients. In our dog food making process, we help you calculate the recipes scientifically. We are also transparent in the amount of meat that we use.

Gently cooked dog food, not high heat cooking

We gently cook our dog food recipes days before each delivery. And we make sure our cooking process is sufficient to soften even the harder ingredients like pumpkin, but not overcooking them. Just to make sure the nutrients and vitamins stay with the ingredients.

Locking in the freshness and retaining nutrients

After letting the food cool for 30 minutes after cooking, we portion them and vacuum seal each meal pack. Immediately, these meal packs get transferred to our quick freezers to lock in the nutrients and freshness until your dog's feeding time.

Your dog's health is what you feed.

You save the time. Your dog will get all the different flavours and happiness. 🧡🐶