Pawmeal ingredients

Here's a peek at what we do.

📚 Learning, researching and consulting.

It started with a 10-month long research on pet nutrition, together with consultations with vets, boarded-certified pet nutritionists, animal practitioners and veterinary institutions.

📑 Planning and formulating.

With the help of the pet industry professionals, we planned and formulated 9 (currently 8) recipes, all of which were consulted and validated by the professionals.

🍲 Experimentation with cooking.

Another months-long process is our experimentation with the cooking process. We have to strike a balance between efficient cooking, maintaining the gentle cooking aspect and most importantly, dogs must love it.

🌿 Sourcing for freshness.

We source for fresh ingredients from all over Singapore, and are happy to be working with a few reliable suppliers. The raw ingredients are delivered to us on a day-to-day basis, so as to ensure maximum freshness.

👇🏻 Freshness all the way.

Freshness doesn’t stop after cooking. Packing, vacuum sealing and freezing all take place within a short window period after the food leaves our woks and pans.

🥩 Maintaining consistency.

It’s easy to begin, and harder to maintain consistency. And consistency is crucial to provide that yummy Pawmeal that your dog will get to love so much.

🍲 Indulging in festive awesomeness.

Pawrents love to include their furry child in celebrations, whether it’s CNY or Christmas. We love that occasional indulgence to let your furkid have something to drool over too, during festive seasons.

🌿 Long term continuous product development.

Armed with more than 5 years of pet food experience and having served more than 550,000 meals islandwide, we are continuously looking to develop new products. It’s all for your furry child.

You're what you eat.
Your dog too.

Honest and healthy fresh food for your furry friend.