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Doggy Potion Healing Balm with Manuka Honey MGO 900

Doggy Potion Healing Balm with Manuka Honey MGO 900 is an all natural antibacterial ointment that promotes fast healing of minor wounds and any irritated skin for your pets. This is a healing balm that can soothe your dog and cat's healing process. Key ingredients include active manuka honey with MGO 900 (30% of entire balm contents) and shea butter, which can help kill bacteria, soothe irritations, moisturises skin conditions and prevents yeast infections. Apart from its high anti-bacterial properties, it also contains helpful amino acids, minerals, vitamins B, C and enzymes which aids in hydrating and repairing skin and coats.

BarkLogic 3 in 1 Eye, Ear, & Nose Natural Cleansing Wipes – Unscented

Multipurpose Gentle Cleansing Wipes For Sensitive Areas Made from natural and eco-friendly plant based renewable material and gentle on eyes, ears and nose. Unscented. Size of each sheet: 7X8 inches

BarkLogic Natural Calming Leave In Conditioner Spray – Lavender

Calming Formula Leave-in Conditioner For Dog's Coat Infused with lavender essential oil, which is known to have aroma-therapeutic benefits of calming, soothing, and stress relieving. It also contains aloe and chamomile to condition, refresh, protect, and deodorize the coat. Scent: Lavender 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

BarkLogic Natural Clean & Clear Coat & Bed Spray – Mint Tree

A unique and effective blend of plant and mineral based ingredients that are formulated to safely clean and secure your pet’s living environment and help keep the pests away from your pets. Scent: Mint Tree 17 fl. oz. / 503 ml

BarkLogic Natural Daily Odor Eliminating Spray – Tangerine Tree

A unique and natural plant and mineral based blend that is formulated to safely neutralize, break down, and eliminate strong odors on pets and surfaces. Scent: Tangerine Tree 17 fl. oz. / 503 ml

BarkLogic Natural Sensitive Skin 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo – Tangerine

Sensitive Skin Formula For Dogs Provides gentle cleansing and conditioning in one easy step which will leave the coat clean, refreshed, and silky soft. Formulated for dogs of all breeds and sizes with sensitive and dry skin. Recommended to be used in conjunction with BarkLogic Sensitive Skin Leave In Conditioning & Detangling Spray. Scent: Tangerine 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

BarkLogic Natural Sensitive Skin Leave In Conditioning & Detangling Spray – Tangerine

Sensitive Skin Leave-in Conditioner Formula For Dogs Contains a soothing blend of botanicals that hydrate the coat and skin, while conditioning and detangling fur. Refreshingly scented, this spray is perfect for after baths and in between baths. Recommended to use in conjunction with other BarkLogic Sensitive Skin Products. Scent: Tangerine 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

Jubilant Pets Colloidal Silver (Skin Booster) 200ml

Jubilant Pets Colloidal Silver is a natural alternative for antibiotics and steroids for your pet's skin healing. Colloidal Silver is a negatively charged solution effective in treating various problems as it interacts with positively charged single-cell microorganisms/bacteria by disrupting the functions of these microbes. – Useful in helping to treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections, burns, ringworms, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections – Can also be used to improve their gum health and to wash their eyes and ears 30ppm. 200ml Spray. Exp: 12/2021