Pawmeal is easy to feed.

If you are planning to or are already feeding home cooked food to your pet, we have 3 ways to feed for you. You can also find easy preparation instructions here!

How to prepare Pawmeal

Pawmeal meal packs are freshly made (by us in our central kitchen!), stored frozen and delivered frozen. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 6-8 months. Also check out our heating suggestions here.

Step 1 of preparing Pawmeal

Step 1: Thaw meal pack

Take out meal pack from the freezer and leave it on a clean table or place an unopened pack in water for 5 - 10min.

Step 2 of preparing Pawmeal

Step 2: Break meal pack

After thawing for around 5-10min, Pawmeal should be semi-thawed. You can break it easily into your desired feeding portion before opening.

Step 3 of preparing Pawmeal

Step 3: Pour Pawmeal out

Open meal pack and pour out the desired amount. The food should come out cleanly! (If feeding with dry food, use spoon to mix evenly with the food).

Step 4 of preparing Pawmeal

Step 4: It's feeding time!

Mum mum time! Watch your furkids enjoy Pawmeal! While the remaining food is still frozen (if your pupper eats less than a pack), store it back into freezer (shelf life is thus maintained) or keep in fridge for up to 24hrs.

Three ways to feed Pawmeal

No matter if you are currently feeding kibbles, freeze dried food or are already feeding home cooked food to your pet, it’s possible to introduce Pawmeal to your furry animal. We have 3 positive feeding suggestions for you.

Option 1

Feed Pawmeal as meal toppers

Feed as meal toppers

If you have a picky eater or are currently feeding kibbles, Pawmeal is a good idea as a meal topper to complement your dog's current food. Adding Pawmeal on top of your dog's diet helps make their food more palatable and more nutritionally balanced.

  • For picky dogs - let them try small quantities!
  • For pets who are currently eating kibbles or freeze dried food.

Option 2

Feed as complete meals

Feed as complete meals

If you are currently cooking, looking to switch to a home-cooked diet or do not have a fussy eater, then try feeding standard Pawmeal to save time and provide a healthier, balanced diet.

  • For pets who are picky in eating.
  • For dogs currently on home cooked diets.
  • For busy pet parents.
  • For dogs who do not have strict dietary requirements.

Option 3

Feed Pawmeal as a customised option

Feed customised Pawmeal

If your pet has food allergies or if you want to provide variety in feeding, let us know and we can work out a solution together.

  • For fussy eaters who want different food.
  • For dogs with specific food allergies.
  • For pets who have specific requirements, eg. need to lose weight.

Transitioning to Pawmeal

We recommend having a transition process when your furry child is switching to Pawmeal for the first time.

Easing your dog into a new diet can allow them to get used to a new food. This is important for dogs who on commercial pet food. It’s also normal if there are soft stools in the beginning.

Transitioning to Pawmeal day 1 and 2

Days 1 and 2

75% existing food

Transitioning to Pawmeal day 3 and 4

Days 3 and 4

50% existing food

Transitioning to Pawmeal day 5 and 6

Days 5 and 6

25% existing food

Transitioning to Pawmeal day 7 and 8 onwards

Days 7 and 8 onwards

0% existing food

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