Already on another fresh food? Introducing Pawmeal.

Truth is, every fresh pet food brand has their differences. Consider ingredient quality and source, ideal recipe proportion, whether self manufactured and palatability.

Is the gently cooked pet food that you are currently feeding made in-house or from an outsourced third party kitchen (OEM)? Outsourcing may mean being less able to exercise quality control. How much of the meat content are proper real meats, and not just offals? And how is the quality of the real meat?

Real ingredients make a real difference to pets.

Pawmeal recipes use 60-70% real protein meats, while limiting organs to 5-10% and carbohydrates at 20-30%. Our unique fresh recipes were formulated over 1 year with veterinary professionals and board certified pet nutritionists. And we have been cooking with love since 2017.

Real meat and vegetables

Using human-grade meat and fresh vegetables

Even humans can eat too

Pets should eat fresh like us so they live longer

Pawmeal Beef Delight
Pawmeal Beef Delight ingredients

Freshly prepared every week

Ingredients are delivered daily and cooked fresh

Vet institutions validated

Exceeds FEDIAF, NRC and AAFCO standards

Real meat and vegetables

Using human-grade meat and fresh vegetables

Humans can eat too

Pets should eat fresh like us so they live longer

Freshly prepared weekly

Our recipes are made to ensure quality nutritional standards

Vet institutions validated

Exceeds FEDIAF, NRC and AAFCO standards

Worried about your dog laosai (soft stools)?

We are obsessed about (your dog’s) good poop, because poop is your dog’s main health language. We make sure there is an appropriate amount of fibre and offals in a Pawmeal diet.
Tammilynn and Pom Pom
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"Tried out Pawmeal for my senior doggo to save meal prep time and give him more nutrients. He's not a picky eater but has skin allergies and a weak stomach. So far he loves it! Poop looking good, he's been licking his bowls clean everytime and no allergy reactions as well 🙂 the food looks and smells great, and is very easy to prepare! The packaging is so cute too 🥰"

Pom Pom is on a 200g assorted flavours meal plan subscription. She receives a variety of flavours so there is always mealtime excitement and comprehensive nutrition intake.

Dog is picky eater?

Our fresh pet food is proven to appeal more to even the fussiest dogs. Of course,  Pawmeal has to work with you together to move your pet towards becoming a better eater.

Chloe and Haydo
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"Been with Pawmeal since 2019, Haydo is always a big fan and looks forward to mealtimes. Delivery has always been a breeze even when my place was quite difficult to find for a year plus. Wonderful experience."

Haydo is on a 200g assorted flavours meal plan subscription. He receives a variety of flavours so there is always protein rotation and diversity in nutrition intake.

Because we are friends.

Our customer’s pets are like our own. We are here to help pets have a healthier diet and live longer and happily.

We manufacture our own fresh pet food.

We manufacture our own fresh food in our own AVS-licensed facility. This means that we are able to oversee the entire fresh food making process. From preparing ingredients to cooking to freezing up. This helps us maintain food quality control for your pet.
Our niche areas

Pawmeal helps resolve pet owners' problems.

Even picky dogs eat better

Picky eaters tend to eat Pawmeal more than other food alternatives. Get your picky dog to become excited over our food and start eating regularly in 8 days. Even if he is not food motivated. 

Pawmeal targeting picky eaters

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We have been treating dogs who refused to eat since 2017. Some of them were on other fresh food, while others displayed deteriorating appetite as they age or due to health conditions. Pawmeal’s fresh food is known to be more palatable than other pet food. This is due to the composition of ingredients and the quality of the real meats in our recipes. On top of this, we also encourage protein rotation as well as guiding pet owners towards managing their fussy pets during meal time.

Energy food for fast growing puppies

Finding a suitable diet for your dog is not easy. Pawmeal’s fresh food recipes are comprehensive and complete. So you can satisfy your puppy’s high energy levels in his formative months.

Pawmeal energy food for puppies

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Puppies need a high protein diet to help fuel their growth. This is to set them up for a healthy and active adult life. New pet owners who want to give their new dogs can feed Pawmeal to give them the best start possible.

Improving dogs' digestion and appetite

Not sure if our food will make your dog’s poop better? Pawmeal fresh dog food can help your dog digest better and produce better (and less smelly!) poop. We also help sick dogs and senior pups eat better everyday even if they have been rejecting foods for a while.

Pawmeal improves dogs appetite

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We love good poop (literally)! If your dog has been having soft stools (laosai), Pawmeal can help to solidify and firm up your furkid’s poop.

Pawmeal follows through your dog’s life, including when they are sick or gets older. We keep your dog’s meal plan updated according to their life stage or condition. More often than not, our food gives that extra little boost and energises their day.

Catering for dogs with allergies​

Whether your dog has known or unknown allergies, we are here to help by providing a suitable fresh food diet. We have sufficient protein variety to cater to most dogs with different food allergies or food intolerances. Speak to us and we can work out a meal plan together with you for your dog.

Dogs with allergies sketch by Pawmeal

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If you know your dog is allergic to a specific ingredient, there’s a chance you can customise his diet with us. Or we can discuss about providing for your dog’s diet if you already have existing supplements to go along with Pawmeal and will need to omit certain ingredients*.

*meal planning subject to discussions with our team
"My pups love Pawmeal! There is a great variety of meals to choose from, as well as the option to customize for pups with allergies. The subscription process also makes ordering a breeze. The meals smell really good too!"

Too much offals can cause nutritional imbalance for your pet.

Organ meats are nutrient-dense, but too much of it can cause toxicity and dietary imbalance. Although they contain B-vitamins, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, most offals are high in fat and purine. So it is better to maintain offals to 10% of your pet’s diet. Pawmeal ensures that.

The differences

A quick comparison.

DescriptionPawmealBrand 'C'Brand "Y"


Pawmeal fresh pet food

Alternative fresh pet food

Alternative fresh pet food


Minced and granular, meat ranging from 3mm to 10mmMushy looking, meat ranges from 2mm to 6mmCombination of slices and minced, meat ranging from 4mm to 9mm

Picky dog rating (based on customers’ feedback)


Smell rating (based on customers’ feedback)

(when frozen)
(when heated up)
(when frozen)
(when heated up)
(when frozen)
(when heated up)

First 6 ingredients (from a typical recipe)

  1. Skinless chicken breast
  2. Broccoli 
  3. Chicken liver
  4. Garbanzo beans
  5. Eggs
  6. Goji-berries (wolfberries)
  1. Chicken lean muscle meat
  2. Chicken neck
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Chicken heart
  5. Chicken gizzard
  6. Chicken liver
  1. Chicken breast
  2. Chicken gizzard
  3. Chicken liver
  4. Chicken heart
  5. Broccoli
  6. Carrots

Proportion description

“60-70% real meat protein, 5-10% organs and 20-30% vegetables and carbohydrates”“70% meat, 25% vegetables and 5% supplements and fruits”“80% meat and offals, 15% fruits and vegetables, 5% supplements”

Key difference

Proportion of protein is clearer. Actual real meat amount (which is skinless chicken breast) is stated as 60-70%. This 60-70% excludes organs like chicken liver (which is 5-10% of the entire recipe only).Actual protein proportion breakdown unclear. ‘70% meat’ consists of 5 different chicken parts - chicken ‘lean muscle meat’, neck, heart, gizzard and liver.Actual protein proportion breakdown unclear. ‘80% meat’ consists of 4 different chicken parts - chicken breast, gizzard, liver and heart.

Pawmeal Trial Plan © for the new fur-riend.

The best way to start your dog’s diet right. A 100% fresh food diet is great, but meal toppers to kibbles will do fine too. Get 25% off with free delivery.

Getting started

All you need to know about feeding Pawmeal.

Here are some useful information for you to switch over from kibbles to Pawmeal.

Transitioning to Pawmeal

It will take a bit of time for your pet to transit to Pawmeal’s fresh food diet, but it will be worth the process.

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If your pet is new to fresh food, having soft stools at the beginning is normal. This happens as your furkid’s tummy is trying to adjust to the new food.

Transitioning to Pawmeal Days 1-4
Transitioning to Pawmeal Days 5-7+

How to prepare Pawmeal

Finding a suitable diet for your dog is not easy. Pawmeal’s fresh food recipes are comprehensive and complete. So you can satisfy your puppy’s high energy levels in his formative months.

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Pawmeal Illustrations

Step 1

Remove from freezer and thaw meal pack.

Pawmeal Illustrations

Step 2

After 5-10min, break meal pack into desired portions.

Pawmeal Illustrations

Step 3

Pour desired portion into your dog's bowl.

Pawmeal Illustrations

Step 4

You are ready to feed your furkid!

If you are looking to heat up Pawmeal as your dog has a sensitive stomach, find out more here.

How much to feed Pawmeal​

Every dog and cat is different. For dogs especially, they come in different breeds and sizes. Find out how much of Pawmeal is ideal for your dog or cat per day.

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Check out our handy calculator to find out how much your dog should be eating whilst on a Pawmeal diet.

Ways to feed Pawmeal

There are so many ways to consider Pawmeal as being a part of your furry one’s life. But we will just recommend the three most popular ways here.

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Feed Pawmeal as meal toppers to complement your furkid's existing diet.