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Pawmeal Dehydrated Pork Liver with Turmeric

From $10.00
Dehydrated pork liver chews with turmeric is a great treat and reward for your dog. Dogs need around 5-10% of offals (organs) in their diet. If you are not feeding much offals (organs) to your pet, here's a good organ treat to help balance your dog's diet. 😊

Pawmeal Pork Jerky with Turmeric & Basil

From $12.00
Turmeric, a super spice is marinated onto thin slices of lean pork with basil leaves and then left dehydrated for 24 hours.

Pawmeal Pork Jerky with Ginger

From $12.00
Thin slices of pork marinated with ground ginger and left dehydrated for 24 hours.