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Pawmeal Fortune Pineapple Tarts for Dogs 🍍

From $18.00
Out Of Stock [woodmart_countdown_timer align="left" size="small" date="2021/02/01"] It's a brand new year and all of us are looking forward to a better, healthier year for all of us, including your furkid! 🧧 Introducing our Fortune Pineapple Tarts! Here to help make some of your dogs' tummies happy and your year a bountiful one with fortune and good health. We use meats (pork or salmon) to infuse with a bit of pineapple paste, roll them into fortune balls and finish with a glistening golden layer of egg yolk. 😊 You can choose from 2 filling flavours - Pork or Salmon. Ingredients: Almond flour, egg, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, minced pork OR salmon fillet flakes, pineapple. Quantity: approx. 15 pcs / gong (bottle) Limited stocks available.  Pre-order from 27 Jan to 01 Feb 2021 (Mon) or while stocks last. All orders will be fulfilled on 06 Feb 2021! Just in time for a happy 牛 ("niu" - ox) year! Prefer to self-collect? Drop us a message or email us at 😊