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Pawmeal Duck Beef Platter

From $39.00 or subscribe and save up to 15%
Pawmeal Premium Duck Beef Platter contains high quality duck and beef sourced from trusted human-grade ingredients suppliers to offer your dog equal goodness as what we humans are eating. An especially tasty recipe to boost appetite for dogs who start rejecting kibbles or food in general. Enjoy up to 15% off for bulk purchase and subscribe 12 months for an additional 15% (Total 30%!) off! (See how much you can save by playing around with the subscriptions below). 80g or 200g standard pack options available! For dogs with little or no food allergies, you can choose Pawmeal Assorted Mixed Flavours so your dog can enjoy a variety of recipes in each delivery! Got any question? Check out the most common questions that our customers have for us here. 😘 Please note that we deliver on every weekend (Friday evenings to Sundays), for now. If you need urgent delivery, please let us know by emailing us or messaging us. We will do our best to make special delivery arrangements or suggest alternative options. Thank you for your understanding!

Pawmeal Dehydrated Beef Liver with Turmeric

From $11.00
Dehydrated beef liver chews with turmeric is a great treat and reward for your dog. If you are not feeding much offals (organs) to your pet, here's a good organ treat to help balance its diet. 😊 Organs provide minerals and nutrients that the usual meats do not have. Try to maintain feeding 5-10% offals (organs) in your dog's total diet.

Pawmeal Cheesy Beef

From $10.00
Parmesan cheese is added into fresh lean ground beef to make a great bribe food that will coax your furkid into eating more.