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Pawmeal Chinese New Year Festive Dog Surprise Snack Box 2022

*Thank you for your support! We have SOLD OUT our Pawmeal CNY Festive Snack Box! But fret not, you can still head over to our Lunar New Year Special promo and our newly launched super irresistable Premium Fish Skin Cube treats to spend a Pawsperous New Year together with your furkids!* Happy Lunar New Year 2022 and the Year of the Tiger! Pawmeal CNY Festive Dog Surprise Snack Box comes specially packed in a cute festive red box containing individually packed treats for your dog! Each box contains 15 to 16 small packs and a total of 6 different types of treats. 😊 Besides some of our best selling treats (No revealing here, because it's going to be a surprise!), get 3 assorted surprise flavours from our best-selling range AND 3 brand new yummy treats which will be guaranteed in every Pawmeal CNY Festive Dog Surprise Snack Box! New treats are:
  1. Pawmeal Classic Handcrafted Himalayan Yak Milk Chews (Straight Cut) Keep your dog happily busy with our new Handcrafted Himalayan Yak Milk Chews! As you spend quality time with your family during this Chinese New Year, keep your furry ones engaged happily with a healthy yak chew. We are quite sure it will be irresistible to your animal at home!
  2. Pawmeal Porksperity Bark Kwa Coins (Pork Bak Kwa) The folks at Pawmeal are rolling out a special limited Paw edition Porksperity Bark Kwa Coins! Using only 100% fresh lean minced pork, pure honey and parsley, and spreading porksperity and good fortune to all our dear pawfriends and their families. 😋
  3. Pawmeal Premium Fish Skin Cubes (年年有余 (鱼🐟)!) So excited to reel in this newest healthy treat in store for your furry friend! As the auspicious saying goes - "年年有余" (pronounced as nian2 nian2 you3 yu2), enjoy an abundance of good health and prosperity every year. Our fish skin cubes are made of 100% pure fish skin. Their meat are sold to restaurants, while we take the skin! 🤪

CNY Festive Dog Snack Box contents:

15 to 16 specially packed treats in sachet form. (Receive an assortment of 6 different flavours - 3 surprise flavours and 3 guaranteed new flavours (see above)). (For Storage recommendation, see below) If you would like to opt out of any particular treat, just comment in the box below. We will do the rest for you and your dog. 😊 This is a special limited edition product - while stocks last! All orders will be fulfilled before 31 Jan 2022.

Pawmeal Fortune Pineapple Tarts for Dogs 🍍

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Last Minute Flash Sale! (Very limited stocks only 🙂)
It's a brand new year and all of us are looking forward to a better, healthier year for all of us, including your furkid! 🧧 Introducing our Fortune Pineapple Tarts! Here to help make some of your dogs' tummies happy and your year a bountiful one with fortune and good health. We use meats (pork or salmon) to infuse with a bit of pineapple paste, roll them into fortune balls and finish with a glistening golden layer of egg yolk. 😊 You can choose from 2 filling flavours - Pork or Salmon. Ingredients: Almond flour, egg, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, minced pork OR salmon fillet flakes, pineapple. Quantity: approx. 15 pcs / gong (bottle) Limited stocks available.  Pre-order from 27 Jan to 01 Feb 2021 (Mon) or while stocks last. All orders will be fulfilled on 06 Feb 2021! Just in time for a happy 牛 ("niu" - ox) year! Prefer to self-collect? Drop us a message or email us at 😊