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Happy Bond Healthy Hips and Joints Support for Dogs

Swatch image Puppies
Swatch image Adults
Swatch image Seniors
Happy Bond now comes in 3 different canisters, catering to 3 different life stages for your dog! Its unique formula with glucosamine for dogs is combined with the highest-grade hydrolized collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Just sprinkle over their food daily and give them the extra boost to their bone and muscle health. Choose from 3 types, each representing a specific life stage:
  1. Happy Start (Blue) - For puppies and young dogs from 0-3 years
  2. Happy Days (Yellow) - For adult dogs from 3-7 years
  3. Happy Again (Green) - For senior dogs from 7+ years
Summarised benefits for your dog 😏
  • IMPROVE MOBILITY – Formulated to support joint health for various life stages as your dog grows and ages gracefully.
  • COLLAGEN – Highest quality of hydrolyzed collagen from Germany helps induce the production of cartilage, keeping joints elastic and mobile. Protects skin and coat.
  • GLUCOSAMIN – Aids with supporting healthy cartilage and increasing maintaining fluids around the joints.
  • HYALURONIC ACID & VITAMINS – combined with our core ingredients to produce the highest quality formula. Highest concentration of active ingredients among brands in category.
  • 100% SAFE. TESTED & APPROVED – Sourced and manufactured in Germany adhering to strict production standards.
Net weight: 400g in powder form