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Pawmeal Chicken Raw Bones – Feet with Ginger

From $13.00
If you are worried that turmeric on treats may stain your floor while the furkid is chewing them, you can consider ginger instead! Ginger powder is anti-inflammatory and we marinate chicken feet with them before dehydrating them for about 30 hours.

Pawmeal Duck Raw Bones – Feet with Ginger

From $13.00
Crunchy dehydrated duck feet with ginger helps provide essential calcium and nutrients for your pup, which may be lacking in its kibbles or home cooked food. Chewing duck feet also helps in keeping your pup's teeth clean while providing adequate jaw movement.

Pawmeal Pork Jerky with Ginger

From $12.00
Thin slices of pork marinated with ground ginger and left dehydrated for 24 hours.