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Pawmeal Cranberry Hearts

From $10.00
These bite-sized treats are packed with cranberries which contain vitamin C, fibre, manganese and other micronutrients.

Pawmeal Dehydrated Pork Liver with Turmeric

From $10.00
Dehydrated pork liver chews with turmeric is a great treat and reward for your dog. Dogs need around 5-10% of offals (organs) in their diet. If you are not feeding much offals (organs) to your pet, here's a good organ treat to help balance your dog's diet. 😊

Pawmeal Duck Raw Bones – Feet with Ginger

From $13.00
Crunchy dehydrated duck feet with ginger helps provide essential calcium and nutrients for your pup, which may be lacking in its kibbles or home cooked food. Chewing duck feet also helps in keeping your pup's teeth clean while providing adequate jaw movement.

Pawmeal Duck Raw Bones – Feet with Turmeric & Basil

From $13.00
Crunchy duck feet with turmeric and basil doubles up as a chewable 'toothbrush' for your dog. Helps in keeping teeth clean while providing adequate jaw movement. High in protein and provides crunching enjoyment!

Pets Territory Gut-Pro (Pre-Probiotics)

2.5 Billion good bacteria from 8 different strains per serving! Effectively assist your pet’s digestion and nutrient absorption and boost their overall health with a powerful blend of the correct beneficial bacteria strains. Supplements are individually packed in sachets for easier feeding and to ensure optimal quality when fed. - Alleviate gastrointestinal upset - Reseed the gut with beneficial bacteria after a round of antibiotics - Calm digestive upsets caused by travel and dietary changes - Improve digestion and stool quality in large and giant breed dogs - Compulsory supplement for diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease Powder form: 3g x 30 sachets

Pets Territory Spirulina Superfood

Ideal for boosting immune, energy and vitality! Pets Territory Spirulina is a source of fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients which will help fight diseases and infections. Supplements are individually packed in sachets for easier feeding and to ensure optimal quality when fed. – Boost immune system – Smoother and shinier coat – Detoxify your pet – High Proteins, Antioxidants, Phyto-nutrients, Minerals & Vitamins, Fatty Acids including DHA & GLA Powder form: 3g x 30 sachets

BarkLogic 3 in 1 Eye, Ear, & Nose Natural Cleansing Wipes – Unscented

Multipurpose Gentle Cleansing Wipes For Sensitive Areas Made from natural and eco-friendly plant based renewable material and gentle on eyes, ears and nose. Unscented. Size of each sheet: 7X8 inches

BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed Deodorizing 2 In 1 Shampoo and Conditioner – Lemon

Deodorising Formula For Dogs BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed 2 in 1 Shampoo provides gentle odour control and coat conditioning in one easy step. This 2-in-1 rinses away cleanly, leaving behind a light lemon scent and a soft and clean coat. Scent: Lemon 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

BarkLogic Natural Calming Leave In Conditioner Spray – Lavender

Calming Formula Leave-in Conditioner For Dog's Coat Infused with lavender essential oil, which is known to have aroma-therapeutic benefits of calming, soothing, and stress relieving. It also contains aloe and chamomile to condition, refresh, protect, and deodorize the coat. Scent: Lavender 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

BarkLogic Natural Clean & Clear 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner – Mint

Deep Cleansing and Refreshing Formula For Dogs Formulated with a proprietary blend of essential oils which will leave your pet’s coat clean & clear, silky soft, and refreshed. Scent: Mint 16 fl. oz / 473 ml

BarkLogic Natural Clean & Clear Coat & Bed Spray – Mint Tree

A unique and effective blend of plant and mineral based ingredients that are formulated to safely clean and secure your pet’s living environment and help keep the pests away from your pets. Scent: Mint Tree 17 fl. oz. / 503 ml

BarkLogic Natural Daily Odor Eliminating Spray – Tangerine Tree

A unique and natural plant and mineral based blend that is formulated to safely neutralize, break down, and eliminate strong odors on pets and surfaces. Scent: Tangerine Tree 17 fl. oz. / 503 ml