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Pawmeal Assorted Flavours for Picky Dogs

Assorted Mixed Flavours (4 to 9 different flavours each month)

From $32.00 or subscribe and save up to 20%
If you have no particular preferred or must-have proteins or flavours in mind for your doggie, try our Pawmeal Assorted Mixed Flavours. 😊 Your dog will receive 4-9 different flavours each month, with a good mix of single protein, double protein and premium flavours! Single Proteins - Chicken, Beef, Pork Delights Double Proteins - Beef Chicken, Beef Pork Premium Flavours - Salmon Pork, Seafood Catch, Duck Beef, Duck Pork Check out our menu to understand all the ingredients that we use. 😊 Friendly Tip 1: For the first delivery, do consider receiving as many flavours as possible (we usually do this, unless there are special considerations). This is a good time to observe and see what are the flavours that will be well received by your doggie 😊 (This is to minimise risks and make sure that your dog will love every single recipe that we give every month next time!) Super Friendly Tip 2: Please consider feeding with variation! Your dog gets different nutrients, lowers risks of allergies as they get to eat different ingredients (train their digestive systems) and stay excited every month. 😋 Purchase 30 packs for 20% off and subscribe 6 months for an additional 20% (Total 40%!) off! (See how much you can save by playing around with the subscriptions below). We have also compiled the most common questions that our customers have for us here. 😘 Please note that we deliver on every weekend (Friday evenings to Sundays), for now. If you need urgent delivery, please let us know by emailing us or messaging us. We will do our best to make special delivery arrangements or suggest alternative options. Thank you for your understanding!
Black Friday Special by Pawmeal

Black Friday Pawmeal Assorted Fresh Dog Food – BUY 12 FREE 5 (29% OFF)

What's better than having more yummy food for Thanksgiving while leaping into the joyful month of gifting!! Buy 12 packs of 200g, get 5 packs of 200g for FREE!! TOTAL 17 PACKS! No limit in the quantity you can order! Make sure you stock up for Christmas too since all vacuum sealed frozen meals can be kept in the freezer for 2-3months!! Here’s how to order: 1) Simply select "200g and 12 packs" followed by the quantity (how many sets of “12 packs” to order) 2) Add to cart! 3) “Free 5 packs of 200g Pawmeal” will be added into your cart automatically. 4) Click “checkout” button. We’ll mix and match the flavours for you, so expect a variety of between 3-6 flavours (consist of single protein, double protein and premium proteins)! Check out our menu for all the ingredients and flavours. Note that Seafood Recipe is not available wef June 2019. If your dog has certain food allergies, just let us know the allergies at the “note” section in the Checkout page. We’ll only give you the flavours that your dog can eat. P.S.: Black Friday Promotion is ONLY be valid for purchase for a limited time. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis in our next delivery slot of 27-29 Nov. Once our stocks are sold out for the upcoming delivery, your order will only be fulfilled in the following weekend on 4-6 Dec. You will be informed of the delivery few days prior! New to Pawmeal and want to try in smaller quantity? You can also grab our Pawmeal Trial Plan – 200g x 7 packs of Pawmeal for ONLY $39, plus FREE delivery with no minimum spend!
Supplement Chlorella Enzyme

Pets Territory Chlorella Enzyme for Detox

$37.90 $28.43
Removing toxins for your healthy pets! Chlorella Enzyme is a detoxification supplement that helps to eliminate harmful and unwanted chemicals accumulated over the years in your furry kids' body. Supplements are individually packed in sachets for easier feeding and to ensure optimal quality when fed. Powder form: 3g x 30 sachets