If your dog has a food allergy and if you have not found the allergen yet, an elimination diet is your best option. Vets and pet nutritionists most recommend this option if you want the most reliable answer. However, this is also the most tedious and require the most discipline from you. Find out more in the articles in this section here.

Pawmeal Dog Food Allergy Treatment

Testing for Dog Food Allergies in Singapore

Testing for dog food allergies can be really a headache. 😪 When your dog has a food allergy, symptoms like itching and rashes may occur. You may try home remedies like this particular solution to identify the food cause. You may also have heard of hypoallergenic diets sold in the physical and online pet shops, which are not really permanent solutions. 🙅‍♀️ (We explain why towards the end of this article below). However, if nothing works and your dog still displays allergic symptoms, perhaps it is time to consider seeking professional help and send your dog for possible food allergy...

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