Here, you can read more about pet nutrition. We are pawrents ourselves, and we also prepare fresh food for many dogs. Therefore, we feel that we have a duty towards the dogs’ overall nutrition and health.

Throughout the journey of being fresh dog food providers, we learn and pick up pet nutrition knowledge and insights. Hence, we would like to share with you important facts, tips and knowledge on both cat and dog nutrition. Here, we cover not just fresh food (cooked and raw), but also dry food (kibbles) and freeze-dried diets.

We hope to help give you sufficient information on pet nutrition, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to giving the best health and nutrition for your dog. 🙂

How do you know if your dog has a food allergy?

How Do You Know if Your Dog has a Food Allergy?

When you see your dog scratch or itch somewhere on its body, it can be due to different reasons. Your pup may be bored and want your attention. It may be craving for some play time. Or it can also be due to fleas or ticks (😰). But when you see your dog scratch itself until its fur drops or skin reddens, your dog may have facing some problems! It may be due to a food allergy and your dog is displaying symptoms and reacting to it. Let’s understand more about dog food allergies here!

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Pawmeal - How to Read Pet Food Labels

How to Read Pet Food Labels – Uncover Hidden Truths behind Dog Food Namings

As pet owners, lovers and pet food makers, we did a pet food nutrition course a while back. One of the most significant things that we learned was the ability to read pet food labels. This enabled us to tell which pet food is real, and which pet food is “not exactly telling the truth”. The most glaring example? Proclaiming itself to be a “key ingredient recipe” when the ingredient could be just 3% of the total food amount! Do you usually read the big nice words on the food packaging, then form an impression...

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Bowl Of Kibbles Rev3 1600x400

Is Commercial Dog Food Healthy for your Pet?

A common widespread perception nowadays is that commercial pet food is seen as the default food for dogs and cats. There are many benefits associated with commercial dog food or cat food, otherwise known as kibbles. They are often advertised as convenient solutions, they are sold cheaper at large oversized packets, they are said to be able to complete your pet’s dietary needs, and the big companies have pet nutritionists working for them to formulate the dried processed food. But beneath all these, lie a lot more facts that most consumers, pet owners are unaware of. One shocking...

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What are meat meals

Are Meat Meals Good for Dogs?

Summary - It is OK to feed dog food that uses good quality meat concentrate that comes from edible meaty parts of an animal, and a NO if the ingredient sources are not exactly transparent. We feel that meat meals that consist of natural, real meat are good for your dog. Do note that these meat powders usually require topping up of artificial nutrients as the high heat process will have eliminated most of the natural nutrients. Meat meals that use real proteins are so rare, as almost every dog food maker save on ingredient costs. (To...

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Pawmeal Types Of Dog Food Comparison

Best Types of Cat and Dog Food? – A Quick Comparison

Not sure what type of cat or dog food to feed? Here you can find a quick (and objective) comparison on the different types of cat and dog food choices for your pet. Too long, don't want to read? Jump straight to the comparison table at the bottom. ? (Most of) today’s pets are having a good life A lot of pet owners say that their pets often eat better than them. That's because we all love our furry ones at home! And also because our little ones have body systems that are a little more particular on nutrition. Which means we...

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